It’s part of human activities to move from one place to another in search of greener pastures or for leisure either by rail, by air, water or by land. These means of transportation is always attributed to some set of people based on their social status and the believe that the lesser the stress, the higher the T.fare and vice versa.
Those who travel by air are those in the highest level of the social cadre because they see it as fast and safe. Space will not permit me to analyze these means of transportation one after the other but will analyze the challenges faced by the masses who always travel by land not because the wish to but because it is what they afford.
Travelling by land has become a source of income for some Nigerian security personnel and a beehive of activities for the National Union Road Transport Workers (NURTW) and coupled with the fact that state and federal government have refused to better the roads for the benefit of the masses who use them often. It is so glaring that our government officials mostly do not use the road so they care less about what people on the road pass through before getting to their destination.
A journey which is supposed to last for two hours (2hrs) if the road were to be okay now last for 3hrs 30mins to 4hrs and the journey which is supposed to last for 4hrs even with the bad road now last for 6-7hrs because of unnecessary road blocks/checkpoints which are only used to extort money from drivers and not to checkmate or prevent robbery on the highway. Most Nigerians have delight in making life miserable for others because I can’t believe that even with these road blocks armed robbers still find ways to rob people of their belongings on the highway and while this operation last, no security person will come to your rescue but can only harass you when you fail to “roja” them. Bumps on the roads also contribute to the delay in journey on our highway.
We clamor for a change but it seems we are only changing from one bad character to another meanwhile we do not need our government to do everything for us so we should try our possible best to augment government’s effort even as I advise some government officials to try these roads to be in the shoes of these poor masses to see what they always pass through each time they embark on a journey and also to apprehend any culprit find wanting on the highways; I believe by this, the rate of cheating, bullying and harassment on the highways will be curbed.


Acting like Christ is what Christianity is all about. Christianity means Christ like, so for the fact that we are called Christians we ought to act like Christ. Christ the savior has lived an exemplary life hoping that we follow suit. It is not every Church goer that is a Christian and not every Christian is a believer. People now a days go to Church for different purposes and most people are called Christians just because they go to Church. Meanwhile, people also believe in what they believe in not because they were born into it but because they know what they have benefitted and the need for them to believe in such religion.
Now a days majority of the Churches do no longer preach salvation all they preach is prosperity forgetting the scriptures which says “seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other things will be added unto you” and without salvation you can’t inherit God’s kingdom, most Churches now are money oriented and with no soul winning mentality; pastors are less concern about the welfare of their members all they care about is how to gather the largest number of people in the Church whether touts or rascals. Some churches have changed their doctrines just to suit any kind of person. Steve Reeves(2006) has this comment: “In an effort to “connect” with those in the world, more and more churches have allowed pragmatism to dictate their actions rather than the clear instruction of the scripture. When this happen the door is wide open for the introduction of anything that might draw a crowd. This is why in many churches across the land worship services have become “HOLY ENTERTAINMENT “. Soul winning is key but what is the essence of the crowd you gather when there is no single convert or believer in them.
The Church is supposed to be a haven for everyone and not a museum for the rich alone who come to showcase their new attires, the new car they bought with their seat reserved in the front of the Church, a Church should be a hospital for the sick where the broken hearted can find solace. What is the meaning of evangelism when those you are preaching to are starving? Evangelism as practiced by Christ is beyond preaching the word alone but how you relate and show love and care to those you want to win to Christ. Christ never erected any building as a church but He has lot of followers and worshippers and He performs lot of miracles. This days, churches own schools which were built out of offertory and tithe money but it’s a pity that the less privileged in the Church whose money was in the money used in building the school will not be able to send his or her child to the school because it’s too expensive so where is love and what message are we passing when Christ never distinguish between the rich and the poor? Christianity has lost her primary assignment because of greed and selfishness.
Majority of Christians are hypocrites as most Christians live differently in Church and at home being a saint in the Church and a devil at home. Some freethinkers are even more righteous, caring and loving than most of the Christians. Christianity need divine revival because Christ is not happy. In spite of the establishment of many Churches how has that helped to curb the social vices in the country but instead, the establishment of more churches is only creating unhealthy rivalry among Christians and increase hatred among them. Division we fall and united we stand, the division in the Christendom has brought more problems on Christianity and if the steps are not retraced then there is problem.
                     I stand to be corrected or given accolades

                                Adedoyin Deejay Johnson



Looking back to the events of the past, where Nigerian youths stood their ground and got what rightfully belong to them and if not for the efforts of some courageous young men maybe Nigerians will still be wallowing in the palace of slavery. It takes ones action to survive (progress) and one’s inaction to be stagnant. For every individuals we all have a role to play, we have something in mind to contribute for the development of our dear country Nigeria but most times I weep seeing we youth doing little or nothing to help our nation grow.
It is hard to fight without a sight and worse for a man to succeed without a vision. For your dreams to come true you must stay awake and take the necessary actions. Even for the fact that we were born naked it doesn’t mean that we were born empty. As a youth have you ever wondered why a lot of times you just can’t seem to make progress in life despite the fact that you know so much about what it takes to succeed. Maybe you just need to change from being a dreamer to an achiever as we all know that there is a different between knowing and doing because it is not everyone that knows that do.
However, an achiever is that person that acts rather than complaining or procrastinating.
Meanwhile there are some factors that may (want to) militate against your action.
YOUR FEARS: So far, the biggest obstacle to taking action is your fear. These maybe fears of that you are aware of, but quite often it is fears that you may not even be consciously aware of. This fear will always have you in a deep thought on whether to take that buoyant step or not but to achieve, you must have to overcome your fears and take the risk of taking that step.
For some it is inferiority complex, we tend to look down on ourselves without knowing what we can do that anyone else cannot do except us because of the uniqueness in us. Let go of your fears, believe in yourself and always believe YOU CAN.
POWERLESSNESS: this is when we feel powerless or incapacitated to act. Between failure and success it is just a step but when you don’t have that inbuilt strength how do you take the step?
Powerlessness occurs when you are living in a state of low power. This is when you find out that you generally feel less energetic, blame yourself or others, being too judgmental of self and others and at times even get angry at one. The best way I can describe this state is the feeling of having a weight on your shoulder or a feeling of heaviness in your heart maybe when you think about your future and your plans but if you want to drop this weight and be light to move, you must let go every negativity in you, let go of blames, stop being too judgmental and then you will have enough strength that can carry you through your actions.
LACK OF FOCUS: once you have recognized and let go of your fears and are in a state of higher power, you need to add focus in order to move from knowing to doing, from dreamer to achiever. Focus in this context means your vision in life. What is it that you want to do with your life, what quota do you want to contribute and what impact do you want to make? It is only when you have these in mind that you know what you want and who you want to be. Most of the youths don’t know what to do with lives because they refused to set a goal for themselves and that is why they are being tossed here and there by the leaders. Some youth are so pessimistic about life that they always settle for the less but who told you that you can’t become what you want to become, who told you you can’t be a leader too or who told you that you are young to be the next governor of your state or the president of your country. For every set goal you have to work towards it and not contrary to your set goals without procrastination.
Acting consistently and towards the right purpose is important.
                                     Work out your vision
                                   Work out your purpose
                          Be clear on what you want in life.
Once you do, it becomes easy to say no to things that will not add value to you. It becomes easier to say no to distractions and you will know what knowledge you need to acquire and concentrate in order to reach your destination and achieve your set goals.

                                                       By: Adedoyin Adedeji Johnson


Even at this time of persecution faced by the Christians not only in the northern part of the country (Nigeria) but now spreading even outside the country as it is being recorded almost on a daily basis how Christian faithfuls are being attacked, lynched, and killed by some miscreants or otherwise unknown religious fanatics. Though its not a time to give up evangelism but a time to work more harder with strategies on how to carry out the evangelism work without having to pay with our dear lives. I may like to shock you that its not all those who are killed in Christ’s name will enter the kingdom of God and it’s not all evangelists that will inherit the kingdom of the father for the fact that he said in the scripture that “go ye into the world and preach the gospel”. It’s also part of our onus to preach the gospel as inscribed in Romans 1:15 So, for my part, I am willing and eagerly ready to preach the Gospel to you also who are in Rome.

Isaiah 61:1.The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed and qualified me to preach the Gospel of good tidings to the meek, the poor, and afflicted; He has sent me to bind up and heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the [physical and spiritual] captives and the opening of the prison and of the eyes to those who are bound. ( you have to be mindful and upright as you carry out your evangelical assignment, the poor needs to be cared for only you want your message to be meaningful, the afflicted need to be taken care of to win their souls, by doing such is also part of evangelism and not by words alone without actions).

             God has given to every human according to his or her capacity to work for Him and i believed He who has called and ordained the Christians never did that to their destruction. I am writing this piece owing to the ugly incidents that occured at kofar wambai in kano and the recent one in Abuja where women evangelists were attacked and killed by some miscreants, as i said earlier it will be wise of us if the Christians can restrategise their mode of operations because if they should wait for the government there wont be any better result as i will also try to remind you of the events which unfolded in Kaduna concerning a bill some Christians sees as perverting.

            Evangelism is not only by what we speak to the audience or listeners, much has to do with the behavior and the way you treat people around you. Christians are being persecuted no doubt about that but it’s so glaring why it’s happening this way but i think the Christians needs to catch them young as i will liken the audience who receive the words of evangelism as babies. Babies understand and act more on what they hear and see (Examples), i could recall a couple whose daughter is not up to two years, each time the little girl wants to call her father she will call him honey just has he is fondly called by the wife, what am i trying to say here? After preaching the words, let every other words and actions speak what you preach, care for the needy, pray for the sick regardless of their religion and let them see reasons for your evagelism. Christ is to be preached not church and while preaching avoid vulgar language and respect other religion, don’t say anything bad about it because Christ never did such and avoid being a religious fanatic or extremist.

God help our faith and grant the souls of the deceased eternal rest. Amen

LOVE POEM; To ma dearest

Now i know
nat i think i know
what it means to be in love
we started as strangers
fate brought us together
love kept us going

now i really know
nat i think i know
what it takes to be in love
a day without you seems a
day in hell
i wander through the
thought of ma heart but got
no destination to land

now i truely know
nat i think i know
how it feels living without
a loved one.
Am gonna miss you
hope to see you soon
(little mama)


NYSC so far has lost her capacity of rebuilding National integration and fostering national unity among various individuals as resources are not been utilized the way it ought to. No wonder some group of people suggested that the scheme should be scrapped because it has so far been a waste of resource.
The NYSC scheme was established in 1973 to promote specific socio political goals which became compelling necessities in Nigeria in the immediate post-civil war in the early 1970s. It came to represent an essential dimension of new famous 3-Rs of the Nigerian post-civil war, social engineering and mobilization strategies, namely: Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction.
The idea behind the introduction of this scheme is commendable but failure to review and amend the scheme is what is making it ineffective for serving corps members today even though it was established after the civil war to enhance the 3 Rs which include Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction.
I wish this scheme can be used as a tool to meet up with the present crises in this dispensation and not to continue with the obsolete policy of 1970 which has either achieved its goals or failed
The scheme has four (4) cardinal programs which participants must pass through during their service year.
Orientation course (camp)
Primary assignment (PPA)
Community Development (CDS)
Winding up/Pass Out (POP)
The Orientation course has engulfed enough money and which the intended motive is not achieved. Camp life they say is highly regimented where corps members are guided strictly by the camp rules and regulations in their conduct and interactions. During the orientation course which usually last for 3 weeks, the following program are put in place in order to change the mindset of the youths and to prepare them for the task ahead.
Morning meditation
Physical activities
Skills acquisition program
Social activities (dance, drama, mime etc.)
Identity card and many more……
During this period of orientation alone, colossal amount of money is expended on it just to make sure that corps members are fully satisfied within this limited time they have to stay at the camp but it may interest you to know that corps members will prefer the money for the three (3) square meal be given to them as cash so they will know how to spend it themselves because most of the food provided in the camps are junks and does not worth the money allocated for each meal.
Even at this, I am not calling for the scrap of the scheme but I am of the school of thought that policies should be looked into as things unfold because what is worth doing is worth doing well. Nigeria as a state is blessed but we tend to be oppressed by our so called leaders (government) and the lackadaisical behaviors of some youths.
NYSC scheme was established then in the 70s for a particular reason after the civil war which is to rebuild the damaged image and structure of Nigeria but was this aim achieved? If yes then the scheme is supposed to be used to pursue another goal, no wonder skills acquisition entrepreneurship development was introduced but yet it is still not effective as it is not capable of stopping the yarning of the Nigeria youths. And if the aim of which the scheme was established is yet to be achieved then it should be looked into to know the reason behind the failure of the scheme.
There are just so many things that are not right with this NYSC scheme. I can’t just imagine even in this time of economic hardship the corps members allowance has not been looked into but instead they also chose to pay the little stipend late and we say it’s a clarion call to serve one’s fatherland but how can such call be obeyed when there is no any motivating factor and even when you try to get something to augment yourself  so as to meet up with ends meet you will be told that your place of primary assignment (PPA) will obstruct you from performing your onus knowing fully well that the federal and or state allowance will not sustain you. Day in day out we hear of bills being passed, policies being made but all these are to the benefit of the leaders and to the detriment of the youths.
I don’t want to talk much on the orientation course and the activities there in but I just want to mention some. The drill that is done twice in a day morning and evening respectively is a repetition of the same things throughout your stay in camp I see it as a waste of time because they just don’t want us to rest so they engage you in anything even picking of dirt’s on the floor and no wonder people form or pretend to be fainting on the parade ground. On the other note why the lectures or some of the SAED was not effective is the fact that some people sleep in the lecture hall because of the stress they have passed through, which means that something should be done to address that issue of sleeping while lecture is going on.
Conclusively, it’s never too late to make amendments I believe this scheme can bring change and make us achieve national unity and integration only if we do things right because if things were done right I see no reason why does redeploying for their service will do that, let the youths have a voice and to be silenced always.
                                           GOD BLESS NIGERIA


I never for once took this issue serious not until I was directly affected before it was dawn on me the mess we are in. It’s nothing but the tussle between Higher National Diploma Certificates and Degree Certificates.
The discrepancies between Nigeria tertiary institutions is now so glaring as the disparity between Polytechnic and University is doing more harm than good to the society and those holding the certificates. Some policies or dogma by the Nigeria government has given more credence to certificates/papers than human capacity or the brain itself. However, not everyone who goes to school is literate and also not everyone who goes to school is educated or expertise In his/her field of study, meanwhile there are others who without acquiring formal education are natural gifted and bountifully endowed.
In recent encounter with a WAEC Examiner, I was so amazed when I was told that HND holders are not allowed or qualified so to say to mark WAEC scripts and knowing fully well that there are some whose qualification is not even up to that and are allowed to mark the scripts that is by the way. I belong to the school of thought which believes in brain work and when the ability of every individual is tested to be qualified for whatever it is and not to always judge based on paper results or certificates which some owners cannot even defend.
However, I wouldn’t want to argue on which is better between the Polytechnics and the Universities because their method of learning differs and even for the fact that Polytechnics do a lot in practical aspect some students who are not serious will still be failure to the school that produced them while a student of University who study more theories than practical will go extra miles to acquire even the practical aspect just to distinguish him among his peers. This treatise is however based on happenings in the Nigerian society without making any comparison with the developed countries that are more concerned about human skills as they give less or no priority to certificates.
It will also interest us to know as I reminisce into the event of the past, 2012 to be précised during the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment where under the scorching sun the Degree holders were given preferential treatment by keeping them under a shade and merging HND holders with NCE holders of which I don’t really know if the time/duration spent in school to acquire a certificate is taken into cognizance.
Well, kudos to the government for even allowing Degree Holders and HND Holders to attend the same camp and even at the same time which simply indicates that the government agrees to the fact that they are all GRADUATES and have all graduated from various tertiary institutions like Colleges of Agriculture, Polytechnics, Universities, School of Health among others but the reason for the discrimination in the labor market is still unknown and the government seems to be quite about it and the legislators in the House of Assembly try to sweep it under the rug each time the matter is raised in the House.
Let there be equality in this certificates or better still maybe the Polytechnics should be scrapped instead of making it look inferior to Degree and also I think the mess started even from the issue of JAMB cut off mark to gain admission into various tertiary institution. This should also be looked into because majority who end up attending Polytechnics never wished it had it been they secured admission into the University, we all know that our University is not big enough to accommodate every qualified candidates year in year out and that is why JAMB and some schools engage in some hanky panky games just to deny others admission and give few knowing fully well that the few who are denied admission are growing day by day and the National Youth Service Corps will not allow any prospective corps member who is above 30 years of age to participate in the camping exercise even though people are now manipulating it which is not supposed to be. Our education sector is faulty let’s all rise up to revamp our education sector to make it a conducive milieu for both the rich and the poor masses.
              GOD BLESS NGERIA.