The president in a selfie with some Nigeria youth

Kudos to Nigeria federal government who have deemed it fit to remember the Nigerian youth in the fulfilment of part of their campaign promises. The provision of employment by the federal government to five hundred thousand (500,000) Nigeria unemployed youth through Npower which they have started with two hundred thousand (200,000) in the first batch targeted at graduates alone while the second batch of the scheme is designed to take care of secondary school leavers and undergraduate will kick start by 2017. The Npower for graduates intend to employ youth in the following sector: agriculture, education, health and adult literacy.

It’s a good thing to know that government is doing something to alleviate the suffering and reduce the level of unemployment among the youth as it is believed that this kind gesture by the government will help the youth to some extent as stipends will be given to participants for the period of two years. The aim of the scheme is to provide sucour for the unemployed graduates in the country and to make them a better citizens after which some of them have stayed at home and wander around in search of job for a while.

Nigerian youth

The bone of contention here is what will be the fate of these promising Nigeria youth after two years when their contract will be terminated. Though the government believes the participants should have savings to establish themselves after the period of two years but considering the rate at which prices of things are skyrocketing on a daily basis how much will be left for them to save. It is indeed a commendable effort on the side of the government. However, the fear of the majority is that, won’t these youth go back to square one after two years? can’t the government increase the stipend even though the npower is called a volunteer programme? will the government permanent these youth at the expiration of their two years contract? These and many other questions lingers in the heart of some Nigerians as to what the fate of these youth will be like after two years.

President Buhari and VP Osibajo

This is indeed a giant stride towards having a better society as it will help curb some social vices in the Nigerian society today because most of these youth now have what do unlike before when they can do just anything for money regardless of the consequences.



My country is a bless Nation, blessed with diverse cultures and multi ethnicity, citizens who are either Christian, Muslim or a traditionalist lives according to the teaching or their religion.

We have been living in peace and harmony before now even though we cannot deny the fact that we have conflicts a times but we always overcome before independence and after independence. its no longer news that we have three (3) major tribes in Nigeria which include, hausa Igbo and yoruba commonly known as WAZOBIA. Things are done majorly among these three tribes because they are seen as the majority, power rotate among these group of people who deprive the minorities of some constitutional rights. We all cannot be at at the hem of affairs but our rights as citizens shouldn’t be trample upon because that is what we seem to be doing to the Hausa/Fulani and it can further metamorphose into conflict when these set of people are pushed to the wall. In my last blog on TRAVELOGUE I i wrote about the level of corruption and cheating on our highway and how some security personnel extort money from passengers using another means from the previous one.

Apart from the “egunje” they collect from drivers, they also extort money from passengers who do not have any form of identification I. E national ID or voters card to alight from their vehicles without getting to their destination and if that is done I believe you know what happens thereafter. Meanwhile most of these passengers now have their ID to avoid further harassment but however, the few people who do not have maybe due to their exposure or their level of education are left alone to dance to the beats played by the security men.

I am writing this piece for the Hausa/Fulani who most of them are being maltreated even in their own land, they are being treated like aliens even in Nigeria. Fate has showcase them worldwide as we know that Fulani are know worldwide, besides we know those who belong to Nigeria either from part of Taraba, Adamawa, Borno to name but few.

A typical fulani man

A times we are the architect of our problems, these set of people have been treated so bad in recent times and who knows if that’s their reason for picking up weapons and become a threat to our community. Two wrongs cannot make a right.

Fulani woman

Let’s embrace unity and stop treating others like animals maybe because of their level of education, social status, religious background among others because only in peace, unity and harmony can we develop our country or else some will be building and others will be destroying. We have some people on the highways who are more deadlier than armed robbers because of the evil they perpetrate in our community and to win the war against them we must work as one. They are selfish Nigerians who want to hit it big at the detriment of others.




Domestic violence can  be simply put as violent or aggressive behaviour within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. Domestic violence is the willful intimidation, physical assault, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern of power and control perpetrated by one intimate partner against another. It includes physical violence (beating and leaving bruises on the body), sexual violence (rape or sexual abuse), psychological violence (hurting ones reasoning), and emotional abuse (feelings leading to hatred) the type that a child feels when parents are divorced. The frequency and severity of domestic violence can vary dramatically; however, the one constant component of domestic violence is one partner’s consistent efforts to maintain power and control over the other without minding the effects on him or her.
This has become an epidemic affecting individuals in every community, regardless of age, economic status, sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, or nationality. Domestic violence can result in physical injury, psychological trauma, and in severe cases, even death. The devastating physical, emotional, and psychological consequences of domestic violence can cross generations and last a lifetime.


You know we always think men are always guilty of this but the truth is women also bully men or children. Meanwhile, regardless of who is taking advantage of who it should be stopped because you see lot of women maltreating their maids, waking them up with hot water, flogging them naked, putting pepper in their private parts, having canal knowledge of their maids and many other things. I call these jungle justice in disguise.

            A man who bully a woman is not man enough and should be taking to a psychiatrist for a proper check up and I think law should be enacted to stop all this social madness.

…………..To be CONTINUED……….


       Mediocrity has turned most Nigerians to babarians as some people behave like animals. infact, some animals have respect for life more than we do. In animal Kingdom it’s survival of the fittest where the strongest and powerful animal feed on the less powerful animal but here in the kingdom of human beings it’s jungle justice where people whose hands are not clean derive pleasure in lynching of another human being while others watch and even video tape.

         We have lost our honor as humans as we have failed to allow justice to take it due cause, we have failed to allow the rule of law meanwhile I know the thought of some Nigerians,  they think the law enforcement agents are not doing their job or shouldn’t be relied on (winks) but even if we don’t trust the judgement of our police officers and we lack the patience to try the suspect in the court of law then I think the anger should be directed to those who failed to do their onus because at the cause of jungle justice innocent souls her being killed as many swift into action at the hearing of thief, “ole”, “barawo”, “oyinoshi” even when they don’t know what he or she stole.

Stripping of suspect naked, inserting pepper into their private parts, tieing or inserting an object into their male organ have become a major punishment for these suspects even when it’s so glaring that some of the accusers are also not clean because some of them are criminals too.

My piece is not to encourage any social vices but to kick against jungle justice in our country as this does not potray us well to the outside world “abi” how will you lynch someone when the court has not proved him guilty or how can we take laws into our hands when the law court is present to give verdict. It’s high time we value our lives and have some level of empathy no matter how little it is. I could not believe my eyes in the recent killing of a seven year old boy who was lynched for stealing gari I don’t know how many of you thought of what the boy could have endured before resulting to stealing, the killing of ALUU is yet to be forgotten, a case of a man who was lynched in abuja over #10 change with a tricycle driver and many more cases of such which have not been attended to. May be when the police start making arrest in any area such incidence occur I think it will help in curbing this illicit act.

Let’s join hands together and fight this menace taking the lives of promising Nigerian youths.


The management of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in kano state was on Thursday December 1st thrown into a state of bewilderment after the demise of Oladolapo Ifedolapo Amoke who was deployed to kano state from Osogbo to serve her father land.

Her recent pix at the camp.

The cause of her sudden and untimely death remains a mystery even as NYSC management believes she was sick right from home but contrary to her family’s report which shows she died due to negligence and lack of qualified physicians in the camp. I would say even if she was sick from home has said by the NYSC management, her sudden and untimely death would have been averted if there were qualified doctors in the camp.
However, this is not to condemn or blame anyone but it’s a call to the management of NYSC to work hand in hand with Nigeria Medical Association  (NMA) to ensure that there are qualified medical practitioners in all NYSC camps Nationwide to avoid such colossal loss of promising Nigeria youth in the nearest future. Imagine how we expect a fresh graduate with no experience to diagnose a patient and knowing fully well that some graduates only scale through by gabage in gabage out (cramming) moreover there is a different between theory and practical.
Something need to be done and need to be done fast, I don’t believe in glory in death and national honor in the grave has no meaning.
Rest in peace beloved. May God give your families the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. Amen


             It’s part of human activities to move from one place to another in search of greener pastures or for leisure either by rail, by air, water or by land. These means of transportation is always attributed to some set of people based on their social status and the believe that the lesser the stress, the higher the T.fare and vice versa.
Those who travel by air are those in the highest level of the social cadre because they see it as fast and safe. Space will not permit me to analyze these means of transportation one after the other but will analyze the challenges faced by the masses who always travel by land not because the wish to but because it is what they afford.
Travelling by land has become a source of income for some Nigerian security personnel and a beehive of activities for the National Union Road Transport Workers (NURTW) and coupled with the fact that state and federal government have refused to better the roads for the benefit of the masses who use them often. It is so glaring that our government officials mostly do not use the road so they care less about what people on the road pass through before getting to their destination.
A journey which is supposed to last for two hours (2hrs) if the road were to be okay now last for 3hrs 30mins to 4hrs and the journey which is supposed to last for 4hrs even with the bad road now last for 6-7hrs because of unnecessary road blocks/checkpoints which are only used to extort money from drivers and not to checkmate or prevent robbery on the highway. Most Nigerians have delight in making life miserable for others because I can’t believe that even with these road blocks armed robbers still find ways to rob people of their belongings on the highway and while this operation last, no security person will come to your rescue but can only harass you when you fail to “roja” them. Bumps on the roads also contribute to the delay in journey on our highway.
We clamor for a change but it seems we are only changing from one bad character to another meanwhile we do not need our government to do everything for us so we should try our possible best to augment government’s effort even as I advise some government officials to try these roads to be in the shoes of these poor masses to see what they always pass through each time they embark on a journey and also to apprehend any culprit find wanting on the highways; I believe by this, the rate of cheating, bullying and harassment on the highways will be curbed.


Acting like Christ is what Christianity is all about. Christianity means Christ like, so for the fact that we are called Christians we ought to act like Christ. Christ the savior has lived an exemplary life hoping that we follow suit. It is not every Church goer that is a Christian and not every Christian is a believer. People now a days go to Church for different purposes and most people are called Christians just because they go to Church. Meanwhile, people also believe in what they believe in not because they were born into it but because they know what they have benefitted and the need for them to believe in such religion.
Now a days majority of the Churches do no longer preach salvation all they preach is prosperity forgetting the scriptures which says “seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other things will be added unto you” and without salvation you can’t inherit God’s kingdom, most Churches now are money oriented and with no soul winning mentality; pastors are less concern about the welfare of their members all they care about is how to gather the largest number of people in the Church whether touts or rascals. Some churches have changed their doctrines just to suit any kind of person. Steve Reeves(2006) has this comment: “In an effort to “connect” with those in the world, more and more churches have allowed pragmatism to dictate their actions rather than the clear instruction of the scripture. When this happen the door is wide open for the introduction of anything that might draw a crowd. This is why in many churches across the land worship services have become “HOLY ENTERTAINMENT “. Soul winning is key but what is the essence of the crowd you gather when there is no single convert or believer in them.
The Church is supposed to be a haven for everyone and not a museum for the rich alone who come to showcase their new attires, the new car they bought with their seat reserved in the front of the Church, a Church should be a hospital for the sick where the broken hearted can find solace. What is the meaning of evangelism when those you are preaching to are starving? Evangelism as practiced by Christ is beyond preaching the word alone but how you relate and show love and care to those you want to win to Christ. Christ never erected any building as a church but He has lot of followers and worshippers and He performs lot of miracles. This days, churches own schools which were built out of offertory and tithe money but it’s a pity that the less privileged in the Church whose money was in the money used in building the school will not be able to send his or her child to the school because it’s too expensive so where is love and what message are we passing when Christ never distinguish between the rich and the poor? Christianity has lost her primary assignment because of greed and selfishness.
Majority of Christians are hypocrites as most Christians live differently in Church and at home being a saint in the Church and a devil at home. Some freethinkers are even more righteous, caring and loving than most of the Christians. Christianity need divine revival because Christ is not happy. In spite of the establishment of many Churches how has that helped to curb the social vices in the country but instead, the establishment of more churches is only creating unhealthy rivalry among Christians and increase hatred among them. Division we fall and united we stand, the division in the Christendom has brought more problems on Christianity and if the steps are not retraced then there is problem.
                     I stand to be corrected or given accolades

                                Adedoyin Deejay Johnson