Religion is a thing of the heart. The belief of the known or the unknown and people’s way of worship to their gods/God.

Dressing religiously is to show the religion one practice but this act doesn’t guarantee that such people are meant for the kingdom of God.

2009_Belgium_MuslimGirlsNorms on the other hand simply means doing what is normal and acceptable by the society we live in. Dressing in this scenario differs based on culture, religion and geographical location. Some states in the Nothern parts of Nigeria tolerate all manner of dressing which other Nothern states frown at. (Indecent Dressing).

This also applies to some religious bodies Christian/Muslim using of veils, wearing of long skirts, putting on of sleeveless dress among others. Mode of our dressing in most cases doesn’t really show how godly we are in our religion as most people are being hypocrites. Some churches encourage all manner of dressing which doesn’t glorify God and can make people fall.

Armed robbers/hired assasins who do evil at night dress differently as normal/religious people during the day time but habor evil thoughts in there hearts.

Now, every religion has her place of worship and even in our places of worship, there are do’s and don’ts but these do’s and donts is not applicable in secular gatherings and for every profession there are ethics governing every profession and no other thing should supercede it because if my religion doesn’t permit me to put on black attire then why should I join the Nigerian Police. I believe no religion encourages disobedience to delegated authority.

If the code of conduct of a profession is bastardise then there will be chaos in such settings. 

If we support wearing of hijab to secular events, we shouldn’t be mad when a traditionalist wears cowries,  red wrapper and chalk on his face in the public.

If we support midnight prayers in residential areas, we shouldn’t be mad when an Ifa priest is doing incantations at your backyard.

If we support prayers on the highways spreading mats, beating drums, let not get mad when a group of masquerade cause traffic jam. (Victoria David)

I could remember when Ogbeni Rauf of Osun State proposed every public schools in compulsory use of hijab, we saw the controversies that took place afterward.


For heavens sake there are religious schools in this country why not send your ward or attend such if you want to appear religiously.

Let’s not start what we can’t finish.

Religion shouldn’t be brought into secular gathering because Nigeria is not a Religion state but a secular State.

God bless Nigeria



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