Religious Extremism!

Religious imbroglio has become the order of the day in most Northern parts of Nigeria. Religion is said to be a thing of the heart as it is a way of worship. In doing this act, other people shouldn’t be disturbed by your act of worship because it’s supposed to be a medium of communication between you and your God.

I once wrote on the use of external loudspeakers in our places of worships which in turn disturb the peace of some residents who lives in such area where place (s) of worships are situated. I supported the move by kaduna state governor, Nasir Elrufai who wanted to regulate such activities of religious bodies, many see it as a fight targeted at a particular religion but I see it as a way of handling our maturity and having respect for our religion and people around. Our problem as a nation is that we are more religious than being Godly.

I remember on a fateful friday I was traveling to Kano passing through Bauchi State to my surprise we had to park for some minutes at central market roundabout because the road was blocked by vehicle and people praying without any space left for vehicle to pass (mind you we were traveling ooo).
On the second ocassion, it was an awareness for a crusade whereby people matched from one spot to the other to create awareness of their crusade and road was blocked too that vehicle had to park till they left.
The most funniest thing in this aspect is that you see security men matching along with these mammoth crowd knowing fully well that the peace of some people have been tampered with.

The recent one happened in Bauchi and Gombe. It was on a Saturday as they were celebrating *Molud*. The crowds celebrating Molud blocked the road that there was no way one could pass through the main road that lead out of Bauchi, these blocked roads includes both federal and state government roads.

It’s not wrong to perform any religious rites or ceremonies but this shouldn’t be done at the detriment of people around or those that will be passing by.
Roads shouldn’t be blocked for no reason, atleast some space should be left for vehicles to pass with little or no control. Let’s endeavor to be civilized in our own way.

God bless Naija


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