A farmer in a particular village planted a mango tree in his backyard just like every other grains were planted and they go through the normal process of growing and germination process before it can be harvested. In this piece I will want you to read through and take cognizance of these words: PLANTING, GERMINATION AND HARVESTING. 

The mangoes grew up after passing through it process successfully and were all ripe and edible for harvest. This two mangoes, one was opened to everyone to see and the other was hidden and covered by some leaves, the one that’s opened were very visible to birds and every passers-by making it more attractive for everyone to want to have but it wasn’t easy to plough even as stones and long sticks were used to plough the mango that was visible, mind you, during this process, the mango has developed some bruises even as birds too began to feed on it but however the one that’s covered by the leaves still remain fresh and colourful, making it more attractive than the open one (mango).

Moral Lesson: The farmer symbolises our parents after giving birth to us, they fed and train us to be a better person in the society and that when we are ripe to get married we should be a benefit to our society but during that process some of us so much expose ourselves to every passerby  (good, ugly and bad people) which in turn make our lives miserable for society and people there about. Let’s be descent in our life style and protect our dignity as good name is far better than silver and gold. You mustn’t expose your body to show how beautiful you are because beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Do not be like the mango that was stoned and birds began to feed on.


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