It’s no longer news any longer that eighty two 82 Chibok girls were released on Saturday 6/5/2017 after a long period of negotiations from the Nigerian government, it’s indeed a breakthrough which might in turn have a negative impact at the long run. During the period of negotiations we do not know what transpired between the duo, all we saw was the outcome which put smiles on people’s faces but I believe this dreaded group won’t have released those girls for free, yet our government felt it’s not ours to know how that miracle happened and how our sisters were rescued. Meanwhile, whatever is given to them MIGHT still be used by them to still get what they wanted from the government and secondly it means our government is a coward by stooping so low to negotiate with terrorist and even granting their request, I think better means would have been implore to rescue those girls instead of this, now if they demanded that our president resigns before releasing other kidnapped girls will he resign?
We pretend to be comfortable in any situation, everyone decides to keep quite because of the fear of the unknown but whether you talk or not what will happen will surely happen. I jokingly posted something on my Facebook wall requesting about Kabiru Sokoto’s where about and you won’t believe the kind of response I got from people, we think the end has come to the dreaded BH abi? An adage says “any society that’s peaceful, it simply means the bastard of the community has not grown” my fear ND concern mostly are the masses because you guys are always at the receiving end and yet you decide to be mute about the current state of things in the country. Nigerians wake up to see what is happening under your nose. United we stand and divided we fall. God bless Nigeria.


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