The level at which Nigerian ladies/women are treated by their male counterparts have become so alarming. It is on this note that this treatise is written to give advise on the way forward. It’s a call to establish and/or protect the rights of women in Nigeria. The paternal rights being exercised by Nigerian men or the privileges they are enjoying should be extended to Nigerian women as well because some Nigerian men are deriving pleasure in the pains they inflict on their woman.battered-woman

However, this is a different piece from the previous blog that call for a stop in domestic violence. Domestic violence can be experienced by both men and women as the case may be (all to the detriment of the children) but on this note, the privileges enjoyed by men in Nigeria should be extended to women and be backed by law.

The Nigeria constitution which gives men upper hand in the society has turned some men into monsters and abusers of women most especially their wives. For instance, a man has the right to impregnate a lady who he is not legally married to and deny the pregnancy because it seems the constitution is mute about punishing people with such actions, meanwhile, the man who once rejected a pregnancy can later claim the child in the court of law once the child is 18years; So what happens to the labor and the time spent by the woman in bringing up the child? have we ever think of the emotional trauma that she will be left with?

h-pregnant-woman-628x314I want to write emphatically on men/women, pregnancy and child bearing. The Nigeria law makers should see to this and make a law that will punish any defaulter of this act so as to enable us insure the future of nigeria children who are being deprived parental guidiance and reduce the rate at which the children pass through emotional trauma and lack of proper parental upbringing. The law should deter men from denying pregnancy if they in one way or the other connected to the lady in question and if they do they should not have any single right over the child and must contribute to the upbringing of the child including shelter, feeding, clothing, school fees among others or be allowed to face the wrath of the law if he is not able to provide the foregoing. The law should also seek to redress the paternal privileges enjoyed by men alone and seek to include maternal right/privileges so that the women too can have some rights and shouldn’t be used and abused by the same men who are supposed to be their protector .

By Adedoyin Johnson


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