The president in a selfie with some Nigeria youth

Kudos to Nigeria federal government who have deemed it fit to remember the Nigerian youth in the fulfilment of part of their campaign promises. The provision of employment by the federal government to five hundred thousand (500,000) Nigeria unemployed youth through Npower which they have started with two hundred thousand (200,000) in the first batch targeted at graduates alone while the second batch of the scheme is designed to take care of secondary school leavers and undergraduate will kick start by 2017. The Npower for graduates intend to employ youth in the following sector: agriculture, education, health and adult literacy.

It’s a good thing to know that government is doing something to alleviate the suffering and reduce the level of unemployment among the youth as it is believed that this kind gesture by the government will help the youth to some extent as stipends will be given to participants for the period of two years. The aim of the scheme is to provide sucour for the unemployed graduates in the country and to make them a better citizens after which some of them have stayed at home and wander around in search of job for a while.

Nigerian youth

The bone of contention here is what will be the fate of these promising Nigeria youth after two years when their contract will be terminated. Though the government believes the participants should have savings to establish themselves after the period of two years but considering the rate at which prices of things are skyrocketing on a daily basis how much will be left for them to save. It is indeed a commendable effort on the side of the government. However, the fear of the majority is that, won’t these youth go back to square one after two years? can’t the government increase the stipend even though the npower is called a volunteer programme? will the government permanent these youth at the expiration of their two years contract? These and many other questions lingers in the heart of some Nigerians as to what the fate of these youth will be like after two years.

President Buhari and VP Osibajo

This is indeed a giant stride towards having a better society as it will help curb some social vices in the Nigerian society today because most of these youth now have what do unlike before when they can do just anything for money regardless of the consequences.


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