My country is a bless Nation, blessed with diverse cultures and multi ethnicity, citizens who are either Christian, Muslim or a traditionalist lives according to the teaching or their religion.

We have been living in peace and harmony before now even though we cannot deny the fact that we have conflicts a times but we always overcome before independence and after independence. its no longer news that we have three (3) major tribes in Nigeria which include, hausa Igbo and yoruba commonly known as WAZOBIA. Things are done majorly among these three tribes because they are seen as the majority, power rotate among these group of people who deprive the minorities of some constitutional rights. We all cannot be at at the hem of affairs but our rights as citizens shouldn’t be trample upon because that is what we seem to be doing to the Hausa/Fulani and it can further metamorphose into conflict when these set of people are pushed to the wall. In my last blog on TRAVELOGUE I i wrote about the level of corruption and cheating on our highway and how some security personnel extort money from passengers using another means from the previous one.

Apart from the “egunje” they collect from drivers, they also extort money from passengers who do not have any form of identification I. E national ID or voters card to alight from their vehicles without getting to their destination and if that is done I believe you know what happens thereafter. Meanwhile most of these passengers now have their ID to avoid further harassment but however, the few people who do not have maybe due to their exposure or their level of education are left alone to dance to the beats played by the security men.

I am writing this piece for the Hausa/Fulani who most of them are being maltreated even in their own land, they are being treated like aliens even in Nigeria. Fate has showcase them worldwide as we know that Fulani are know worldwide, besides we know those who belong to Nigeria either from part of Taraba, Adamawa, Borno to name but few.

A typical fulani man

A times we are the architect of our problems, these set of people have been treated so bad in recent times and who knows if that’s their reason for picking up weapons and become a threat to our community. Two wrongs cannot make a right.

Fulani woman

Let’s embrace unity and stop treating others like animals maybe because of their level of education, social status, religious background among others because only in peace, unity and harmony can we develop our country or else some will be building and others will be destroying. We have some people on the highways who are more deadlier than armed robbers because of the evil they perpetrate in our community and to win the war against them we must work as one. They are selfish Nigerians who want to hit it big at the detriment of others.



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