Mediocrity has turned most Nigerians to babarians as some people behave like animals. infact, some animals have respect for life more than we do. In animal Kingdom it’s survival of the fittest where the strongest and powerful animal feed on the less powerful animal but here in the kingdom of human beings it’s jungle justice where people whose hands are not clean derive pleasure in lynching of another human being while others watch and even video tape.

         We have lost our honor as humans as we have failed to allow justice to take it due cause, we have failed to allow the rule of law meanwhile I know the thought of some Nigerians,  they think the law enforcement agents are not doing their job or shouldn’t be relied on (winks) but even if we don’t trust the judgement of our police officers and we lack the patience to try the suspect in the court of law then I think the anger should be directed to those who failed to do their onus because at the cause of jungle justice innocent souls her being killed as many swift into action at the hearing of thief, “ole”, “barawo”, “oyinoshi” even when they don’t know what he or she stole.

Stripping of suspect naked, inserting pepper into their private parts, tieing or inserting an object into their male organ have become a major punishment for these suspects even when it’s so glaring that some of the accusers are also not clean because some of them are criminals too.

My piece is not to encourage any social vices but to kick against jungle justice in our country as this does not potray us well to the outside world “abi” how will you lynch someone when the court has not proved him guilty or how can we take laws into our hands when the law court is present to give verdict. It’s high time we value our lives and have some level of empathy no matter how little it is. I could not believe my eyes in the recent killing of a seven year old boy who was lynched for stealing gari I don’t know how many of you thought of what the boy could have endured before resulting to stealing, the killing of ALUU is yet to be forgotten, a case of a man who was lynched in abuja over #10 change with a tricycle driver and many more cases of such which have not been attended to. May be when the police start making arrest in any area such incidence occur I think it will help in curbing this illicit act.

Let’s join hands together and fight this menace taking the lives of promising Nigerian youths.


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