The management of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in kano state was on Thursday December 1st thrown into a state of bewilderment after the demise of Oladolapo Ifedolapo Amoke who was deployed to kano state from Osogbo to serve her father land.

Her recent pix at the camp.

The cause of her sudden and untimely death remains a mystery even as NYSC management believes she was sick right from home but contrary to her family’s report which shows she died due to negligence and lack of qualified physicians in the camp. I would say even if she was sick from home has said by the NYSC management, her sudden and untimely death would have been averted if there were qualified doctors in the camp.
However, this is not to condemn or blame anyone but it’s a call to the management of NYSC to work hand in hand with Nigeria Medical Association  (NMA) to ensure that there are qualified medical practitioners in all NYSC camps Nationwide to avoid such colossal loss of promising Nigeria youth in the nearest future. Imagine how we expect a fresh graduate with no experience to diagnose a patient and knowing fully well that some graduates only scale through by gabage in gabage out (cramming) moreover there is a different between theory and practical.
Something need to be done and need to be done fast, I don’t believe in glory in death and national honor in the grave has no meaning.
Rest in peace beloved. May God give your families the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. Amen


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