It’s part of human activities to move from one place to another in search of greener pastures or for leisure either by rail, by air, water or by land. These means of transportation is always attributed to some set of people based on their social status and the believe that the lesser the stress, the higher the T.fare and vice versa.
Those who travel by air are those in the highest level of the social cadre because they see it as fast and safe. Space will not permit me to analyze these means of transportation one after the other but will analyze the challenges faced by the masses who always travel by land not because the wish to but because it is what they afford.
Travelling by land has become a source of income for some Nigerian security personnel and a beehive of activities for the National Union Road Transport Workers (NURTW) and coupled with the fact that state and federal government have refused to better the roads for the benefit of the masses who use them often. It is so glaring that our government officials mostly do not use the road so they care less about what people on the road pass through before getting to their destination.
A journey which is supposed to last for two hours (2hrs) if the road were to be okay now last for 3hrs 30mins to 4hrs and the journey which is supposed to last for 4hrs even with the bad road now last for 6-7hrs because of unnecessary road blocks/checkpoints which are only used to extort money from drivers and not to checkmate or prevent robbery on the highway. Most Nigerians have delight in making life miserable for others because I can’t believe that even with these road blocks armed robbers still find ways to rob people of their belongings on the highway and while this operation last, no security person will come to your rescue but can only harass you when you fail to “roja” them. Bumps on the roads also contribute to the delay in journey on our highway.
We clamor for a change but it seems we are only changing from one bad character to another meanwhile we do not need our government to do everything for us so we should try our possible best to augment government’s effort even as I advise some government officials to try these roads to be in the shoes of these poor masses to see what they always pass through each time they embark on a journey and also to apprehend any culprit find wanting on the highways; I believe by this, the rate of cheating, bullying and harassment on the highways will be curbed.


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