Acting like Christ is what Christianity is all about. Christianity means Christ like, so for the fact that we are called Christians we ought to act like Christ. Christ the savior has lived an exemplary life hoping that we follow suit. It is not every Church goer that is a Christian and not every Christian is a believer. People now a days go to Church for different purposes and most people are called Christians just because they go to Church. Meanwhile, people also believe in what they believe in not because they were born into it but because they know what they have benefitted and the need for them to believe in such religion.
Now a days majority of the Churches do no longer preach salvation all they preach is prosperity forgetting the scriptures which says “seek ye first the kingdom of God and every other things will be added unto you” and without salvation you can’t inherit God’s kingdom, most Churches now are money oriented and with no soul winning mentality; pastors are less concern about the welfare of their members all they care about is how to gather the largest number of people in the Church whether touts or rascals. Some churches have changed their doctrines just to suit any kind of person. Steve Reeves(2006) has this comment: “In an effort to “connect” with those in the world, more and more churches have allowed pragmatism to dictate their actions rather than the clear instruction of the scripture. When this happen the door is wide open for the introduction of anything that might draw a crowd. This is why in many churches across the land worship services have become “HOLY ENTERTAINMENT “. Soul winning is key but what is the essence of the crowd you gather when there is no single convert or believer in them.
The Church is supposed to be a haven for everyone and not a museum for the rich alone who come to showcase their new attires, the new car they bought with their seat reserved in the front of the Church, a Church should be a hospital for the sick where the broken hearted can find solace. What is the meaning of evangelism when those you are preaching to are starving? Evangelism as practiced by Christ is beyond preaching the word alone but how you relate and show love and care to those you want to win to Christ. Christ never erected any building as a church but He has lot of followers and worshippers and He performs lot of miracles. This days, churches own schools which were built out of offertory and tithe money but it’s a pity that the less privileged in the Church whose money was in the money used in building the school will not be able to send his or her child to the school because it’s too expensive so where is love and what message are we passing when Christ never distinguish between the rich and the poor? Christianity has lost her primary assignment because of greed and selfishness.
Majority of Christians are hypocrites as most Christians live differently in Church and at home being a saint in the Church and a devil at home. Some freethinkers are even more righteous, caring and loving than most of the Christians. Christianity need divine revival because Christ is not happy. In spite of the establishment of many Churches how has that helped to curb the social vices in the country but instead, the establishment of more churches is only creating unhealthy rivalry among Christians and increase hatred among them. Division we fall and united we stand, the division in the Christendom has brought more problems on Christianity and if the steps are not retraced then there is problem.
                     I stand to be corrected or given accolades

                                Adedoyin Deejay Johnson



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