NYSC so far has lost her capacity of rebuilding National integration and fostering national unity among various individuals as resources are not been utilized the way it ought to. No wonder some group of people suggested that the scheme should be scrapped because it has so far been a waste of resource.
The NYSC scheme was established in 1973 to promote specific socio political goals which became compelling necessities in Nigeria in the immediate post-civil war in the early 1970s. It came to represent an essential dimension of new famous 3-Rs of the Nigerian post-civil war, social engineering and mobilization strategies, namely: Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction.
The idea behind the introduction of this scheme is commendable but failure to review and amend the scheme is what is making it ineffective for serving corps members today even though it was established after the civil war to enhance the 3 Rs which include Reconciliation, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction.
I wish this scheme can be used as a tool to meet up with the present crises in this dispensation and not to continue with the obsolete policy of 1970 which has either achieved its goals or failed
The scheme has four (4) cardinal programs which participants must pass through during their service year.
Orientation course (camp)
Primary assignment (PPA)
Community Development (CDS)
Winding up/Pass Out (POP)
The Orientation course has engulfed enough money and which the intended motive is not achieved. Camp life they say is highly regimented where corps members are guided strictly by the camp rules and regulations in their conduct and interactions. During the orientation course which usually last for 3 weeks, the following program are put in place in order to change the mindset of the youths and to prepare them for the task ahead.
Morning meditation
Physical activities
Skills acquisition program
Social activities (dance, drama, mime etc.)
Identity card and many more……
During this period of orientation alone, colossal amount of money is expended on it just to make sure that corps members are fully satisfied within this limited time they have to stay at the camp but it may interest you to know that corps members will prefer the money for the three (3) square meal be given to them as cash so they will know how to spend it themselves because most of the food provided in the camps are junks and does not worth the money allocated for each meal.
Even at this, I am not calling for the scrap of the scheme but I am of the school of thought that policies should be looked into as things unfold because what is worth doing is worth doing well. Nigeria as a state is blessed but we tend to be oppressed by our so called leaders (government) and the lackadaisical behaviors of some youths.
NYSC scheme was established then in the 70s for a particular reason after the civil war which is to rebuild the damaged image and structure of Nigeria but was this aim achieved? If yes then the scheme is supposed to be used to pursue another goal, no wonder skills acquisition entrepreneurship development was introduced but yet it is still not effective as it is not capable of stopping the yarning of the Nigeria youths. And if the aim of which the scheme was established is yet to be achieved then it should be looked into to know the reason behind the failure of the scheme.
There are just so many things that are not right with this NYSC scheme. I can’t just imagine even in this time of economic hardship the corps members allowance has not been looked into but instead they also chose to pay the little stipend late and we say it’s a clarion call to serve one’s fatherland but how can such call be obeyed when there is no any motivating factor and even when you try to get something to augment yourself  so as to meet up with ends meet you will be told that your place of primary assignment (PPA) will obstruct you from performing your onus knowing fully well that the federal and or state allowance will not sustain you. Day in day out we hear of bills being passed, policies being made but all these are to the benefit of the leaders and to the detriment of the youths.
I don’t want to talk much on the orientation course and the activities there in but I just want to mention some. The drill that is done twice in a day morning and evening respectively is a repetition of the same things throughout your stay in camp I see it as a waste of time because they just don’t want us to rest so they engage you in anything even picking of dirt’s on the floor and no wonder people form or pretend to be fainting on the parade ground. On the other note why the lectures or some of the SAED was not effective is the fact that some people sleep in the lecture hall because of the stress they have passed through, which means that something should be done to address that issue of sleeping while lecture is going on.
Conclusively, it’s never too late to make amendments I believe this scheme can bring change and make us achieve national unity and integration only if we do things right because if things were done right I see no reason why does redeploying for their service will do that, let the youths have a voice and to be silenced always.
                                           GOD BLESS NIGERIA


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