I never for once took this issue serious not until I was directly affected before it was dawn on me the mess we are in. It’s nothing but the tussle between Higher National Diploma Certificates and Degree Certificates.
The discrepancies between Nigeria tertiary institutions is now so glaring as the disparity between Polytechnic and University is doing more harm than good to the society and those holding the certificates. Some policies or dogma by the Nigeria government has given more credence to certificates/papers than human capacity or the brain itself. However, not everyone who goes to school is literate and also not everyone who goes to school is educated or expertise In his/her field of study, meanwhile there are others who without acquiring formal education are natural gifted and bountifully endowed.
In recent encounter with a WAEC Examiner, I was so amazed when I was told that HND holders are not allowed or qualified so to say to mark WAEC scripts and knowing fully well that there are some whose qualification is not even up to that and are allowed to mark the scripts that is by the way. I belong to the school of thought which believes in brain work and when the ability of every individual is tested to be qualified for whatever it is and not to always judge based on paper results or certificates which some owners cannot even defend.
However, I wouldn’t want to argue on which is better between the Polytechnics and the Universities because their method of learning differs and even for the fact that Polytechnics do a lot in practical aspect some students who are not serious will still be failure to the school that produced them while a student of University who study more theories than practical will go extra miles to acquire even the practical aspect just to distinguish him among his peers. This treatise is however based on happenings in the Nigerian society without making any comparison with the developed countries that are more concerned about human skills as they give less or no priority to certificates.
It will also interest us to know as I reminisce into the event of the past, 2012 to be précised during the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment where under the scorching sun the Degree holders were given preferential treatment by keeping them under a shade and merging HND holders with NCE holders of which I don’t really know if the time/duration spent in school to acquire a certificate is taken into cognizance.
Well, kudos to the government for even allowing Degree Holders and HND Holders to attend the same camp and even at the same time which simply indicates that the government agrees to the fact that they are all GRADUATES and have all graduated from various tertiary institutions like Colleges of Agriculture, Polytechnics, Universities, School of Health among others but the reason for the discrimination in the labor market is still unknown and the government seems to be quite about it and the legislators in the House of Assembly try to sweep it under the rug each time the matter is raised in the House.
Let there be equality in this certificates or better still maybe the Polytechnics should be scrapped instead of making it look inferior to Degree and also I think the mess started even from the issue of JAMB cut off mark to gain admission into various tertiary institution. This should also be looked into because majority who end up attending Polytechnics never wished it had it been they secured admission into the University, we all know that our University is not big enough to accommodate every qualified candidates year in year out and that is why JAMB and some schools engage in some hanky panky games just to deny others admission and give few knowing fully well that the few who are denied admission are growing day by day and the National Youth Service Corps will not allow any prospective corps member who is above 30 years of age to participate in the camping exercise even though people are now manipulating it which is not supposed to be. Our education sector is faulty let’s all rise up to revamp our education sector to make it a conducive milieu for both the rich and the poor masses.
              GOD BLESS NGERIA.


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