Grandview Hotel,
                                   Jimeta area,
                                   Yola South,
                                   Adamawa State,
                                   31st January, 2016.
Mr President,
Aso Villa,
FCT Abuja.

First and foremost, I want to appreciate God in your life for bringing you this far considering the fact that lot of water have passed beneath the bridge but God Almighty chose in His infinite mercies to keep us till date, meanwhile I also pray for the repose of the souls that are no more to see today may the Almighty grant them Aljanna Firdaus. Amen.
Mr president sir, I write to draw your attention to some issues taking place at the grassroots level which may not be known to you and I want you to put it into cognizance in order to succeed in your administration so that you will not be seen as a devil who gives a man a fowl to rare and take his son in return.
The first issue here is on power supply. It’s no longer a news that success has so far been recorded to some extent on the supply of current in the country and this has helped in boosting businesses which make do with power supply and a decrease in the rate at which they purchase fuel BUT the most provoking thing here is that the electricity distribution company are using this to exploit the masses without a proper charge on their usage or consumption of the power being supplied i.e. I was in a compound made up of eight (8) rooms occupied by students, when I say students I hope you understand what that means, no TV, CD, fridge, electric cooker except a bulb and a fan but at the end or even before the month ends Yola Electricity Distribution Company will  bring their bill of not less than eight thousand naira (#8,000) and I don’t know what is consuming such current and how they calculated it before the month ends that will amount to #8,000. Sir, bill should be given based on the rate at which one make use of the current and this frequent power should not be to the detriment of the middle class.
Corruption and the fight against it. On this aspect I just have little to say because I believe this fight against corruption is already yielding positive results as our looters are beginning to refund the money they stole from the treasury and others are scared of embezzlement for the fear of being prosecuted. On the other hand, let every individual who are guilty of corruption dance to the tune of the beat regardless of their religious belief, ethnic group, educational background among others and let it not be as if some group of people are just being witch-hunt; because I believe corruption is everywhere and it cannot be totally eradicated but it should at least be reduced to the minimum level.
The dwindling in the value of our naira is gradually crippling the economy of the country and the activities of our marketers. Sir, it is now so glaring that the falling of the value in our naira has contributed to the current rise in price of food stuff, consumables goods, clothing, musical instruments among others. For instance, a loaf of bread which used to be #120 is now #140, a reed which use to be #400-#500 is now #1,000, this is as a result of our negligence to our local products, we want everything imported and have no value at all on made in Nigeria goods even though some are produced here but use foreign label, until we erase this mentality we will not grow. Meanwhile some Nigerians just wait for any slight opportunity to exploit others because in the case of bread I don’t think there was supposed to be any increment as most of what we use in making it is locally made here, however, a monitoring unit should be established to monitor the activities of those in charge of production and manufacturing in Nigeria or else, some will keep succeeding at the expense of others. I believed Mr president when he said all this (hard times) is for the good of the common people when he refused to bow to the pressure which clamour for more devaluation of our naira but I want the president to take note of every change/increment which has occurred now so that it can be normalised at the good time because most of our problems i.e. the masses is caused by some of the masses who are so egocentric in their pursuit for wealth. Things should be reviewed when our naira get back its value so that the price of things will not continue to be hiked even when the naira has gained back it nutrients.
I have a lot to say but as I know you are very busy I wouldn’t want to bug you with plenty of reading for now, as you read and work on this may God guide and direct your steps that you may lead us right. Thank you and God bless
God Bless Mr President
God Bless Federal Rep of Nigeria 

Yours Sincerely
Adedoyin Johnson



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