Nigeria has grown beyond how we take it to be,  the recent elections has kept Nigeria into another cadre in the global village but however its no more a news that when some is trying to build there will always be some one somewhere who doesn’t want it work no wonder there is always a cry after every electioneering process. We learn to accept things the way it comes even when it’s not in our favor,  our  selfish interest should not overrule our sense of judgement. Nation interest and service to humanity is what every leader and other Nigerians should have at the back of our minds not the selfish interest that we tend to show always. No wonder the present president said he is for everyone and for nobody also. Godfatherism has eaten deep into our democracy thereby limiting the development of the nation, if you can’t beat them you join them is the song that most of us sings but the issue is that nobody want to be the pioneer of the change we have been clamouring for meanwhile if a change is to come it has to start from every individual and shouldn’t be biased in our judgement and daily activities. God Bless Nigeria



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