Election postponement is the latest trend in town now, we have forgotten so soon on the insecurity in some parts of the country, we seems to have forgotten the missing school girls. Many blame inec for the election postponement while others put the blame on some political parties even though the main reason for the postponement of the election is best known to those who saw that d election is postponed bt for whatever reason it is, it does not what it because i wonder what they can achieve in six weeks, if it is the collection of pvc, its nat the fault of inec bt d fault of d electorates and maybe the electorates do not need the pvc to vote so that shld not be a yardstick. Some talk about insecurity led to the postponement bt they lack the knowledge that what will be will be in the forthcoming election and iv it is pdp that postponed it based on the speculation of people then why do u think they did it and what is the motive behind it. If pdp truely did then watch out for something