Good leaders are sheperds who watch over their flocks day and night. Leaders (government) are saddled with the onus of safaguarding lifes and properties, provosion of social amenities among others. Herdsmen will on no condition allow any harm to come on his flocks and thats a man watching over animals, he will rather get hurt than allowing his flocks to be hurt and that is a good quality of a good leader. If herdsmen who lead their flocks can do such for their animals (followers) what is our leaders doing to our lives and properties? Jesus died for his followers, David guarded jealously his sheeps, they did such because they have the love of their flocks (followers) at heart, they are nat selfish but selfless. Virtually all our leaders of today are fighting for a leadership post for their own selfish interest and to the detriment of the masses who elect them into various positions. Leadership is nat a childs play, those laying accusing fingers against others now will also be accused when they assume office. I jas hate what is happening in Nigeria politics this days. I hope to see the better days where politicians will nat see themselves as enemies but live together as one and as group with the same interest.