Religion is a thing of the heart. The belief of the known or the unknown and people’s way of worship to their gods/God.

Dressing religiously is to show the religion one practice but this act doesn’t guarantee that such people are meant for the kingdom of God.

2009_Belgium_MuslimGirlsNorms on the other hand simply means doing what is normal and acceptable by the society we live in. Dressing in this scenario differs based on culture, religion and geographical location. Some states in the Nothern parts of Nigeria tolerate all manner of dressing which other Nothern states frown at. (Indecent Dressing).

This also applies to some religious bodies Christian/Muslim using of veils, wearing of long skirts, putting on of sleeveless dress among others. Mode of our dressing in most cases doesn’t really show how godly we are in our religion as most people are being hypocrites. Some churches encourage all manner of dressing which doesn’t glorify God and can make people fall.

Armed robbers/hired assasins who do evil at night dress differently as normal/religious people during the day time but habor evil thoughts in there hearts.

Now, every religion has her place of worship and even in our places of worship, there are do’s and don’ts but these do’s and donts is not applicable in secular gatherings and for every profession there are ethics governing every profession and no other thing should supercede it because if my religion doesn’t permit me to put on black attire then why should I join the Nigerian Police. I believe no religion encourages disobedience to delegated authority.

If the code of conduct of a profession is bastardise then there will be chaos in such settings. 

If we support wearing of hijab to secular events, we shouldn’t be mad when a traditionalist wears cowries,  red wrapper and chalk on his face in the public.

If we support midnight prayers in residential areas, we shouldn’t be mad when an Ifa priest is doing incantations at your backyard.

If we support prayers on the highways spreading mats, beating drums, let not get mad when a group of masquerade cause traffic jam. (Victoria David)

I could remember when Ogbeni Rauf of Osun State proposed every public schools in compulsory use of hijab, we saw the controversies that took place afterward.


For heavens sake there are religious schools in this country why not send your ward or attend such if you want to appear religiously.

Let’s not start what we can’t finish.

Religion shouldn’t be brought into secular gathering because Nigeria is not a Religion state but a secular State.

God bless Nigeria



Religious Extremism!

Religious imbroglio has become the order of the day in most Northern parts of Nigeria. Religion is said to be a thing of the heart as it is a way of worship. In doing this act, other people shouldn’t be disturbed by your act of worship because it’s supposed to be a medium of communication between you and your God.

I once wrote on the use of external loudspeakers in our places of worships which in turn disturb the peace of some residents who lives in such area where place (s) of worships are situated. I supported the move by kaduna state governor, Nasir Elrufai who wanted to regulate such activities of religious bodies, many see it as a fight targeted at a particular religion but I see it as a way of handling our maturity and having respect for our religion and people around. Our problem as a nation is that we are more religious than being Godly.

I remember on a fateful friday I was traveling to Kano passing through Bauchi State to my surprise we had to park for some minutes at central market roundabout because the road was blocked by vehicle and people praying without any space left for vehicle to pass (mind you we were traveling ooo).
On the second ocassion, it was an awareness for a crusade whereby people matched from one spot to the other to create awareness of their crusade and road was blocked too that vehicle had to park till they left.
The most funniest thing in this aspect is that you see security men matching along with these mammoth crowd knowing fully well that the peace of some people have been tampered with.

The recent one happened in Bauchi and Gombe. It was on a Saturday as they were celebrating *Molud*. The crowds celebrating Molud blocked the road that there was no way one could pass through the main road that lead out of Bauchi, these blocked roads includes both federal and state government roads.

It’s not wrong to perform any religious rites or ceremonies but this shouldn’t be done at the detriment of people around or those that will be passing by.
Roads shouldn’t be blocked for no reason, atleast some space should be left for vehicles to pass with little or no control. Let’s endeavor to be civilized in our own way.

God bless Naija

State Of The Nation.

The state of the nation is becoming unbearable for the masses and our leaders seems to be mum about the lingering and wanton killing of innocent souls.
The Mosaic law preach and practiced eye for an eye and blood for blood, this is practiced in the olden days while some countries still practice it till date but in our own settings, religion is supposed to change people from this bastardise act rather it increase the tempo of the crises among us as a Nation.

Domestic violence against men has been on an increase these few days from 2016 till date and nothing or little seems to be done about this menace. Initially it was a call from the female folks who lamented about how they were been treated by their male folks but today, reverse is the case and we tend to be silent about the issue. If domestic violence is seen as a norm in our society todsy then what about the killing of one another and reprisal attacks which always results into loss of lives and properties?
Some days back, crisis ensued between a farmer and a cattle owner in Numan Adamawa State which resulted into loss of life and that lead to a reprisal attack which made many residents along Numan axis to vacate their homes to an unknown environment just to make sure that their life is secured (do we care to know what becomes of these people in their new environment,  for how long do we continue to be slaves in our home town?). What is my government doing about these?

Similar issue occurred in jalingo the capital city of Taraba state where an apprentice (kona by tribe) murdered his boss (igbo by tribe) in a gruesome manner over what could have been settled amicably. The boy was accused by his boss of being unfaithful with the business and he said he can no longer entrust the shop in his care any longer except the syphoned funds are brought back but the boy choose to do it in his own way by killing his boss.

What exactly am I driving at? Let the law take effects on the offenders and there shouldn’t be any delay before judgement is passed, let no offender walk freely in our society, by so doing, it will hinder others who may want to engage in such a deadly act.
If we study critically, we will notice that the rate of crime is increasing on a daily basis with a new way and method of perpetrating this heinous act. It’s high time we rise up to arrest this situation before it goes out of hand.

If we must reduce jungle justice then justice should be given a chance and let the rule of law prevail without any interference.

Good Bless Nigeria.




A farmer in a particular village planted a mango tree in his backyard just like every other grains were planted and they go through the normal process of growing and germination process before it can be harvested. In this piece I will want you to read through and take cognizance of these words: PLANTING, GERMINATION AND HARVESTING. 

The mangoes grew up after passing through it process successfully and were all ripe and edible for harvest. This two mangoes, one was opened to everyone to see and the other was hidden and covered by some leaves, the one that’s opened were very visible to birds and every passers-by making it more attractive for everyone to want to have but it wasn’t easy to plough even as stones and long sticks were used to plough the mango that was visible, mind you, during this process, the mango has developed some bruises even as birds too began to feed on it but however the one that’s covered by the leaves still remain fresh and colourful, making it more attractive than the open one (mango).

Moral Lesson: The farmer symbolises our parents after giving birth to us, they fed and train us to be a better person in the society and that when we are ripe to get married we should be a benefit to our society but during that process some of us so much expose ourselves to every passerby  (good, ugly and bad people) which in turn make our lives miserable for society and people there about. Let’s be descent in our life style and protect our dignity as good name is far better than silver and gold. You mustn’t expose your body to show how beautiful you are because beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Do not be like the mango that was stoned and birds began to feed on.

It’s no longer news any longer that eighty two 82 Chibok girls were released on Saturday 6/5/2017 after a long period of negotiations from the Nigerian government, it’s indeed a breakthrough which might in turn have a negative impact at the long run. During the period of negotiations we do not know what transpired between the duo, all we saw was the outcome which put smiles on people’s faces but I believe this dreaded group won’t have released those girls for free, yet our government felt it’s not ours to know how that miracle happened and how our sisters were rescued. Meanwhile, whatever is given to them MIGHT still be used by them to still get what they wanted from the government and secondly it means our government is a coward by stooping so low to negotiate with terrorist and even granting their request, I think better means would have been implore to rescue those girls instead of this, now if they demanded that our president resigns before releasing other kidnapped girls will he resign?
We pretend to be comfortable in any situation, everyone decides to keep quite because of the fear of the unknown but whether you talk or not what will happen will surely happen. I jokingly posted something on my Facebook wall requesting about Kabiru Sokoto’s where about and you won’t believe the kind of response I got from people, we think the end has come to the dreaded BH abi? An adage says “any society that’s peaceful, it simply means the bastard of the community has not grown” my fear ND concern mostly are the masses because you guys are always at the receiving end and yet you decide to be mute about the current state of things in the country. Nigerians wake up to see what is happening under your nose. United we stand and divided we fall. God bless Nigeria.


The level at which Nigerian ladies/women are treated by their male counterparts have become so alarming. It is on this note that this treatise is written to give advise on the way forward. It’s a call to establish and/or protect the rights of women in Nigeria. The paternal rights being exercised by Nigerian men or the privileges they are enjoying should be extended to Nigerian women as well because some Nigerian men are deriving pleasure in the pains they inflict on their woman.battered-woman

However, this is a different piece from the previous blog that call for a stop in domestic violence. Domestic violence can be experienced by both men and women as the case may be (all to the detriment of the children) but on this note, the privileges enjoyed by men in Nigeria should be extended to women and be backed by law.

The Nigeria constitution which gives men upper hand in the society has turned some men into monsters and abusers of women most especially their wives. For instance, a man has the right to impregnate a lady who he is not legally married to and deny the pregnancy because it seems the constitution is mute about punishing people with such actions, meanwhile, the man who once rejected a pregnancy can later claim the child in the court of law once the child is 18years; So what happens to the labor and the time spent by the woman in bringing up the child? have we ever think of the emotional trauma that she will be left with?

h-pregnant-woman-628x314I want to write emphatically on men/women, pregnancy and child bearing. The Nigeria law makers should see to this and make a law that will punish any defaulter of this act so as to enable us insure the future of nigeria children who are being deprived parental guidiance and reduce the rate at which the children pass through emotional trauma and lack of proper parental upbringing. The law should deter men from denying pregnancy if they in one way or the other connected to the lady in question and if they do they should not have any single right over the child and must contribute to the upbringing of the child including shelter, feeding, clothing, school fees among others or be allowed to face the wrath of the law if he is not able to provide the foregoing. The law should also seek to redress the paternal privileges enjoyed by men alone and seek to include maternal right/privileges so that the women too can have some rights and shouldn’t be used and abused by the same men who are supposed to be their protector .

By Adedoyin Johnson